Support my family in our non profit efforts through your purchase of clean and healthy beautycounter products

I recently started a new business to help my family financially since we made the leap to work full time in our non profit work and now rely fully on donor support. I decided to start selling Beautycounter for many reasons but below are my top two:

  1. Because of their mission of creating healthier, non toxic skin care and getting healthier products in the hands of everyone

  2. To help finically support my family, now even bigger with beautiful Izzy, so that we can continue our non profit work with our beautiful community

It is super vulnerable to ask people to support us but I thought if individuals could support us while also investing in their health by making the switch to healthier skin care that is truly amazing, then it is a win win! Beautycounter is different than other skin care brands because they continually screen for toxins, never use 1500+ toxic chemicals that are in so many of the products we use today, are ethically sound and are constantly campaigning to get safer products in the hands of everyone. What we put IN our bodies is just as importing as what we put on them, and I know for all of us we are trying our best to heal, and beautycounter helps me towards that goal. 

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