who i am

My name is Jenny Meadows and I live in Charlotte, NC with my amazing husband and two golden retrievers. My husband, Josh, and I run a nonprofit on the East side called The Abandon Project (TAP). Since devoting our lives to TAP, we have spent 6 years earning the right to be heard in our communities, and have built amazing relationships with our neighbors. 

When you spend time with people, you begin to learn what their needs really are. I learned pretty quickly that they lacked the necessary health education to make the proper nutrition choices for themselves and for their families. My heart broke watching my neighbors lack such a necessary resource, and I made it my mission to change this. This is how TAP Health Initiative was birthed.  

I have my masters in Nutrition and Human Performance, and want to take all that I know to serve my community. I am also about to begin the NTP program and will finish in October of 2019. This really does take up most of my life, and I love it, so yes I am living my dream job! 

Other than spending time loving my neighbors, I love going on adventures with my husband, laughing with my best friends, and doing anything active. My past obsession was Crossfit, and current obsession is Hot Yoga. I love the mountains, and being in nature barefoot. 

I hope you find something on my little website that touches you to serve your neighbor in order to find more of yourself. Don't hesitate to reach out!